Warmachine and Hordes Faction Survey

This is meant as a guide for new players to find a Warmachine or Hordes faction that matches their natural play style. There are no right or wrong answers, just ones that feel the best for you.

When going into battle, you are given the option of one of the following. Which do you take?




Before a battle, you have a unit of soldiers to equip. What do you choose?




Which type of product do you prefer?




You have one bomb to destroy a enemy building. Where do you use it?





You are in a magical duel with another sorcerer. Which power is most important?






What's the best way to not get hurt in battle?





What is the best tactic to win a battle?





Which of these describes the type of army you want?





You must send 4 people out to 4 different stores to buy 4 items more or less simultaneously. You have a set amount of money, and think you have enough, but don't know exactly how much each item costs.




Which skill makes you a great commander?




Which would you rather have with you in battle?




Jack of all trades or master of one?




In Warmachine and Hordes there are several core factions that receive regular updates and have a large product line. There are also side factions that are smaller and sometimes limited releases. They get new models less frequently, and have a smaller selection overall.




There are a few factions that are widely regarded as more difficult to start with. There are some who have successfully started with these factions, but there are also many who recommend against them for a new player. Would you like to avoid those factions?